Sunday, January 11, 2015

Past me, new me.

Long time, no see!
It's hard to believe this blog has been idle for almost three years!
Oh well. Over the past year (2014) I first gave up milk(as in drinking it straight out of a glass), then I went vegetarian. And now, lo and behold: VEGAN! :D
This have sparked my interest in food and cooking. It is so much more fun to cook vegan food than it is to deal with dead flesh and mammary and other animals' secretions.

I browsed through my old posts and was amazed at how many animal ingredients were in my food! I think the porridges were the only dishes actually vegan. I recall that I often just had water in a separate glass and didn't actually eat it with milk. Nevertheless - now I often have porridge, but now I only use plant based milk. I think oat milk is perfect for the task.

After posting this I will o through my posts and erase most of what content isn't vegan. I have no desire of promoting anything else but a vegan diet. Go vegan!

This will once again be a blog where I share my food and recipes. Everything from a super healthy vegan banana smoothie to indulgent vegan chocolate desserts. I can't wait!

I also want to recommend the Facebook group "What fat vegans eat". It is filled with pictures of delicious vegan food, and everyone is so nice.

That's all for now, enjoy your reading!

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