Thursday, August 25, 2011

First post!

Hi y'all! Welcome to my blog, and thanks for reading :) I've caught a cold so no work for me today... So what could be better than starting a blog?
I figured I should come up with a list of things I want to learn, so when I find myself all lost in the kitchen (as usual) I can just take a look at this list and do something.
Things I've never done in the kitchen:
  • baked cupcakes
  • make my own jam
  • bake cookies I haven't tried before
Uhm... that's about as much I could come up with! (sad really...)
OK, to be honest, I have cooked before, but baking is really where I'm totally lost! Last time I baked something it was with the help of a cake mix, the "just add water" kind... So baking is really what I want to learn!
Please tell me if you have any good ideas, or if you have a yummy recipe I should try!
The cake is my cousin's wedding cake. They chose to have several smaller cakes instead of one big. It was with chocolate mousse and it was SO good!! I think I could've eaten one on my own if I hadn't had dinner first ;)
Time to go to the kitchen...
Ahoy! /E

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