Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The most important meal of the day

I love eating breakfast!! Today I made my porridge as usual, and to give myself a little treat I took some homemade cherry jam I got as a gift from dad. He cooked the jam himself using our own cherries that grow in our (my parents) garden. So yummy! It also felt better to eat than the sugary store-bought kind.

For the porridge I used oats, rye, barley, millet, buckwheat, psyllium & flax seeds.

 My dad is an excellent cook, and loves to fish. So he often cooks up fish he caught himself. (He makes the best smoked salmon ever!!) The thing is, I am the only one who always manages to get a small fish bone stuck in my palate or just finding one in my piece of fish.

Well, today when enjoying my breakfast, I found a cherry stone! Haha it was just so typical! I figured that was the cherry I should have helped to take the cherry stone out of.. That's what you get for not being home and helping out with making jam... I wouldn't be surprised at all if that was the only cherry that still had the stone. I had to call dad to tell him and he thought it was funny as well :)


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