Friday, August 26, 2011

Lunch: Pasta and tomato sauce

mushrooms and frozen spinach
Inspiration was completely lacking... But then when I opened the pantry the premade tomato sauce and some pasta jumped right at me! Then it felt easier..

Radiatori & full grain fusilli pasta

I started with cooking the pasta since the sauce only needed to be heated up. In the freezer I found some frozen spinach (note to self: thaw it in the microwave or something before putting it in the sauce next time!) i tossed in there as well.

 Then I took some mushrooms and a small bag of corn that I had forgot about (taco leftovers!). After making four lunchboxes I didn't have very much pasta left, so next time I'm making more! The sauce was enough though so I'm glad anyway. To make it a bit extra "festive" I had some mango juice too drink. It's the first time I've had it (It's been sitting in my fridge all summer...) and it taste really good. So, here's a picture of the finished meal:
Bon appetit!

Time to do the dishes..! Take care and please share if you have any nice recipes! :)

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